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Gluco Rx
Blood Glucose Monitoring System
Caring for your Health
Product Details
The compact and portable GlucoRx® Blood Glucose Meter is easy to use, and displays test results in only 8 seconds.

In addition, the meter automatically stores up to 960 test records with respective dates and times, which allows you to monitor your diabetic program efficiently.
The GlucoRx® Blood Glucose Monitoring System is designed to provide an easy, accurate method for determining capillary blood glucose values. This analysis is based on amperometric technology using glucose oxidase that is specific for the blood glucose measurement. When the blood sample is applied to the test strip, electrons are formed by the reaction between glucose oxidase and blood glucose. The electrical current is measured by the meter and correlates with the concentration of glucose in the blood sample.
Indications for Use
The GlucoRx® Blood Glucose Monitoring System is intended for use in the quantitative measurement of glucose in fresh capillary whole blood from the finger. It is intended for use by healthcare professionals and people with diabetes mellitus at home and healthcare facilities as an aid in monitoring the effectiveness of diabetes control program. It is not intended for diagnosis of or screening for diabetes mellitus, and is not intended for use on neonates.
Meter Specifications:
Storage Conditions Temperature: 14°~122°F(-10°~+50°C); Humidity:RH≤80% 
Memory Capacity 960 test results with respective dates and times
Measurement Unit Either S.I unit (mmol/L) or mg/dl
Display LCD Display
Reaction Time 8 Seconds
Meter Dimensions 60x60x14 mm
Meter Weight 43g (with battery)
Measuring Range 30~600 mg/dl (1.7~33.3 mmol/L)
Power Supply One 3V lithium battery (CR2032)
Battery Lifetime Over 1,000 tests
Other Information
FDA K072274