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Fiberall provides an easy way to get all the fiber you need daily for optimum health.

Fiberall promotes normal regularity, is good tasting and easy to mix
Product Details
Public health guidelines from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advise Americans to eat between 20 and 30 grams of fiber a day, but most adults don’t even eat half that much. This isn’t surprising, since fiber refers to the indigestible portion of plant foods, and in the largely refined standard American diet, healthful fibers are often processed right out.

Fiberall provides an easy way to get all the fiber you need daily for optimum health. Fiberall promotes normal regularity, is good tasting and easy to mix. It contains a unique blend of 6 natural fibers from fruits grains and vegetables plus the important vitamins and minerals you need for regularity.
There is a multitude of research and data on the health benefits of fiber. Some of the top potential health benefits include:

  • Heart health: An inverse association has been found between fiber intake and heart attack, and research shows that those eating a high-fiber diet have a 40 percent lower risk of heart disease.
  • Blood sugar control: Soluble fiber may help to slow your body’s breakdown of carbohydrates and the absorption of sugar, helping with blood sugar control.
  • Weight loss and management: Fiber supplements have been shown to enhance weight loss among obese people, likely because fiber increases feelings of fullness.
  • Skin health: Fiber, particularly psyllium husk, may help move yeast and fungus out of your body, preventing them from being excreted through your skin where they could trigger acne or rashes.
  • Stroke: Researchers have found that for every seven-grams more fiber you consume on a daily basis, your stroke risk is decreased by 7 percent.
  • Diverticulitis: Dietary fiber (especially insoluble) may reduce your risk of diverticulitis – an inflammation of polyps in your intestine – by 40 percent.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS): Fiber may provide some relief from IBS. Gallstones and kidney stones: A high-fiber diet may reduce the risk of gallstones and kidney stones, likely because of its ability to help regulate blood sugar.
  • Hemorrhoids: A high-fiber diet may lower your risk of hemorrhoids.
Fiberall contains psyllium, which is a soluble fiber that comes from a plant most commonly grown in India. Psyllium promotes bowel regularity. It can be used regularly, as opposed to harsh stimulant laxatives which should only be used occasionally. Soluble fiber becomes gelatinous and sticky in water. It is not absorbed in the small bowel. It is broken down in the large bowel and becomes a food source for the bacteria that live in the colon.
Mix Fiberall (child or adult dose) with at least 8 ounces (a full glass) of water or other fluid. Taking this product without enough liquid may cause choking. See choking warning.

• fill container with at least 8 ounces of water, juice, or other fluid
• sprinkle dosage (see table below) into liquid
• stir briskly and drink immediately
• if mixture thickens, add more liquid and stir
• an additional glass of water is recommended
• take dose 1-3 times daily
adult & children 12 years and over 1 rounded TEASPOON
children 6 to 12 years 1/2 TEASPOON
children under 6 years ask a doctor
Also available in Gummy Form
Directions: Adults and children 6 years of age and older chew 3 gummies daily.